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Okay, so we’re a recruitment company based in Truro and we’re looking to expand, so step one is to write a long job ad about how great we are and why you should join us, right?

We did that, we thought it made us sound great….and then we put it in the bin (not literally, we use computers like everyone else).

Why? For two reasons – one, whichever way we read it back it just ended up sounding a bit salesy and a bit like every other recruitment ad out there (which just isn’t us) and two – we’re different.

Culture is absolutely key for us. We lead a supportive rather than “salesy” environment – our team don’t think they’re Leo in Wolf of Wall Street and there’s no bell to ring when you make a placement. We recruit down to earth people who care about what they do. We already work with the majority of the biggest clients in our industry, so we’re looking for people who are ready to build relationships with existing clients rather than work on new business development. Oh, and most of our success comes from headhunting people, so our next hires will be excited about developing their headhunting skills with us.

With all that said, we wouldn’t expect someone to apply for a position with us without knowing a lot more about life as a recruiter in our business. So, for now, if you do want to know more about our opportunities just click below and we’ll share more details and answer any questions (confidentially, of course).

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