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Why are we here?

Hello, we’re talentshed.

You know when you’re sitting there thinking “there must be a better way of doing things” and “why hasn’t anyone done that yet” – well, that was us….but now, we’re doing it.

Our industry didn’t need another recruitment business, it needed something different. So, we made talentshed.

By different, we mean a business that takes the best of the recruitment, marketing and technology worlds and puts people at its core to make working with a recruitment business better for everyone.

People are the DNA of every business out there, and our business, is people.

Talentshed - Recruitment Business

Why are you here?

We’re guessing you’re a professional looking for your next role or a business struggling with your next hire? If so, we can help.

After years seeing (and solving) the challenges both talented people and great businesses face across healthcare industries, we think we’re best-equipped to help bring the industry together and help you find that next great job or hire.


What’s makes us, us?

We’re trying to make a real step change in the world of recruitment. Ultimately, our job is to find the best jobs for our candidates and the best talent for our clients. When you put it like that it sounds simple, but in today’s era of digitalisation and shift in the relationship between recruitment and marketing, sticking to traditional recruitment techniques alone no longer cuts it. We’re shaking off the old stereotypes and leading the way to change the face of recruitment across Optics, Audiology and Care.

If you’re reading this and thinking you might be interested in joining our team, then drop us a message to tell us why and we’ll arrange a conversation.

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What’s makes us, us?

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